Timeist is the culmination of my passion for watches, which originally ignited in Nassau, Bahamas back in the mid-1990s when I purchased my first Rolex Daytona.

I started to learn about watches from several watchmaker friends, then years of self-study eventually led to networking, buying and selling watches. Buying and selling come naturally to me, having spent almost 30 years in the seafood business in procurement and sales. However, I also consider myself a collector at heart, with a particular fondness for vintage watches. I find each piece tells its own story, as they are unique in their own way. It has been extremely enjoyable and rewarding discovering these “stories” with other collectors, some of whom have become good friends over the years. One of those friends, Paul Gavin from Heuer World, has graciously shared some of the images on the video slide for this site. Individual watch photos on this site are captured using an iPhoneX in natural light indoors as well as “wrist shots” outdoors. I have tried to capture the true natural beauty of each watch. I do not use any enhancement software; however, I do sometimes darken or lighten the images if over or underexposed.

I look forward to bringing quality timepieces to market through Timeist, and hope visitors and fellow watch enthusiasts enjoy this site.

Best regards,
Ira Tytel